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About the office

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Our Gorgeous History

The office of Attorney General of Federal Republic of Somalia was established under theOrganization of the Judiciary, Legislative Decree No. 3 of 12 June 1962 as part of the Judiciary in Somalia. The Office’s mandate is enshrined in the Chapters II, VII, VIII of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Judicial Organization Law and Criminal Procedure Code.


Our Vission and Mission


To transform the Attorney General’s Office into an excellent prosecutorial service that protects citizens’ rights and promote efficient administration of justice, public safety and respect for the laws.


To keep an independent, impartial, professional, efficient prosecutorial services that operates with integrity, protects citizens’ rights, ensures respect for the laws, safeguards administration of criminal Justice & constitutionalism throughout Somalia.



The Office’s primary duty is to:

  1. Protect Constitutional and statuary rights of the people through administering Justice in Criminal matters 
  2. Investigate, institute and conduct Criminal proceedings
  3. Protect the interests of the state, public organs, incapacitated and vulnerable people by conducting and intervening civil proceedings as it deems necessary;
  4. Lead and direct the country’s criminal investigations and suppression of crimes;
  5. Ensure prisons wellbeing and protect their rights through providing overall supervision and
    direction of prisons, correction centers and penal institutions;

Our Structure

Our Strategic Goals

STRATEGIC GAOL 1: Improve our legal obligations within a framework of strong governance and sound management practices

  1. Promote Excellence through implementing wide leadership framework to increase efficiencies in the delivery of our services.
  2. Oversight through Internal Audit office and maintain standards in accordance with office’s guidelines and policies.
  3. Transform prosecutorial culture and uphold integrity of prosecutorial operations.
  4. Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and policy obligations.
  5. Manage risks and performance through robust internal control systems and effective performance management practices.
  6. Implement good practices regarding transparency, reporting, communications and scrutiny to deliver effective accountability.
  7. Enhance the Office’s ability to manage its resources in an effective, responsible, and accountable manner.

STRATEGIC GAOL 2: Ensure respect for laws and protect the rights of incapacitated persons and vulnerable people

  1. Protect fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and ensure effective compliance and implementation of the legislations and polices.
  2. Protect, preserve and promote the rule of law and human rights through building a culture of respect for the laws.
  3. Fight corruption within the government system and develop mechanisms to investigate all abuses and violation of laws within the government system.
  4. Lead a coordinated approach at all levels to address crime and safety issues of public interest including emerging crime problems through developing crime prevention and crime control Strategies, guidelines and standards to effectively eliminate of all forms of violence, in particular violence against women and children.
  5. Uphold and protect the human rights of incapacitated and vulnerable victims, witnesses in the criminal prosecution process through developing and strengthening effective system that protects their rights.
  6. Direct police investigations and ensure prosecutors carry out their professional duties impartially and to act in the public interest.

STRATEGIC GAOL 3: Build and enhance prosecutorial capacity services

1. Uphold highest professional standards and promote a culture of respect, dignity, equality diversity, accountability and transparency.
2. Improve the knowledge and skills of our people through knowledge management.
3. Recruit and retain high caliber of staff to increase efficiencies to respond to all prosecutorial and mandated services in line with our obligation and international standards.
4. Engage with staff to encourage innovation and involvement in enhancing services.
5. Provide innovative initiative ICT systems that support our people in delivering the required level of service to clients.
6. Providing a safe and secure working environment that protects our people, information and other resources to enable effectiveness, resilience and wellbeing.

STRATEGIC GAOL 4: Promote the effective and efficient administration of prosecution and investigation services within the framework of criminal justice system

1. Embrace the Office’s core values, protect and strength prosecutorial independence and accountabilities.
2. Provide specialized, technical and skilled prosecutorial and investigation services and increase the focus on results and re-assess the results frameworks.
3. Develop, maintain and update prosecutorial and investigation policies and guidelines.
4. Implement a system that ensures consistent application of the policies and guidelines to achieve fair and effective prosecution.
5. Ensure adherence of Constitutional principles of fair trial and due process during investigation and prosecution.
6. Ensure that AGO’s Units have the necessary equipment, expertise and supplies to handle criminal cases.
7. Increase focus on results and re-assess the results frameworks and provide a coordinated prosecuting service that ensures justice is delivered to the victims.
8. Develop appropriate mechanisms to ensure accuracy and timely completion of investigation reports to avoid prosecutorial errors and violations, promote law enforcement accountability, and ensure prosecution integrity.
9. Develop pre-defined policies and procedures that enusre effective system of optimization of caseload distributions and ensure investigation reports are reviewed, assigned and completed within statutory timeframe.
10. Enhance citizens knowledge of, and access to, the Offices’ services through building stronger connections and raising the knowledge platform for our people.

STRATEGIC GOAL 5: Promote cooperation with stakeholders within criminal justice system and relevant regional and international bodies to improve the overall quality of service

1. Maintain excellent communication with the key leaders of the criminal justice chain both Federal and Federal Member States.
2. Partake in national, regional and International platforms to promote exchange of view and develop responses of issues of mutual concern.
3. Contribute and advocate for the reform of criminal justice organizations and criminal laws in both Federal and Federal Member States through presenting appropriate research and advising political decision makers.
4. Maintain liaising with international organizations of prosecution and criminal justice systems to ensure proper abreast of developing trends and techniques in prosecution and criminal justice.
5. Develop strategic partnerships and strengthen current engagements with international stakeholders in criminal justice system and other relevant regional and international bodies to improve the quality of our core functions.

STRATEGIC GAOL 6: Maintain public confidence in the prosecution service

1. Produce and maintain comprehensive and accurate information on the work of the office in an accessible manner.
2. Improve provision of quality services for victims and witnesses.
3. Ensure actors engaging victims comply with office policies and guidelines in their interactions with victims and witnesses