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AGO Internship Program

The Attorney General Office of Somalia offers legal internship to the students who are in last year or freshly graduated from law schools, the aim of the internship program is to train and put to the test of  knowledge acquired during the degree with familiarizing themselves with the integrated practice of law.

The activities deployed pertain to the professional environment related the practical and theoretical study which enables the student to positively change and influence the justices system.

The Attorney General Office internship program provides law students legal knowledge, training courses and seminars, skills and experiences, reflects the demand and reward of prosecution services, each year AGO recruit 100 interns who are highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students from law schools, the AGO has a wide-ranging practice area that offers law students enough experience.

AGO Internship program are open to undergraduate and graduate law students in good academic performances, the selection process for the Internship Program is highly competitive, candidates are selected based on academic achievement, and then evaluated on case-by-case basis, depending on the needs from our different units and sections.