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Asset management section


Asset management section is mandated to guide the management, use and disposal of seized and confiscated assets.  It deals with conviction-based confiscation and non-conviction-based confiscation.  

The main goal of this section is to manage the seized property in such a way that it is not losing value before it can be subject to confiscation and to dispose of the confiscated property in any way that is reasonably necessary to preserve the property.

In order to dispose of or manage the seized property this section has a mandate to:

  • Become a party to any civil proceedings that affect the property,
  • Ensure that all obligations in respect of the property are satisfied and
  • Deal with the seized property that is perishable, subject to wasting or loss, its value is volatile, or the cost of its storage or maintenance is likely to exceed its value.

This section is headed by a prosecutor, and it consist of prosecutors who have extensive knowledge on financial laws and are specially trained on financial modeling, reasoned decision making and reporting skills.