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Witness and Evidence Section


This section is mandated to provide special protection to witnesses in possession of important information and who are facing potential risk or intimidation due to their cooperation with prosecution and other law enforcement agencies.

The aim of this section is to promote rule of law by enforcing applicable laws and providing special protection to threatened or intimidated witnesses to ensure their security is guaranteed when testifying in court. This section also provides assistance to victims.

In addition to that, this section is responsible to systematically organize, catalogue, record, preserve, store and analyze collected evidence in accordance with national and international criminal law standards to ensure such evidence can have the broadest possible usability and admissibility in fair and independent criminal proceedings conducted by competent courts.

This section is headed by a prosecutor, and it includes members who are experienced prosecutors, investigators, paralegals, and prosecution officers. They mainly respond to crime scenes, attend suspect and witness interviews and autopsies. This section works closely with Forensic Science Agencies.