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Police Investigation Directions

This section ensures that the police officers conducting the criminal investigation are incompliance with the constitution, other laws, and international human rights standards.

File Opening & Complaints

This section receives criminal investigation reports from the police, crime reports from the Public & complaints from persons inured by an offence other than those for which proceedings are initiated by the state.

Supervision of Criminal Records

This section is responsible for immediate direction of the Unified Criminal Records Office at the Police HQs to ensure the record & information regarding the criminal, civil and administrative matters

Archive & Records

The Archives and Records section is responsible for all aspects of record-keeping and supporting the management of records and case files throughout their lifecycle, from creation to their identification and preservation as archives.

Oversight of Prisons and Detections

This section is responsible to review, supervise and monitor prisons and other penal institutions to ensure the proper care and treatment of prisoners and protection of their fundamental human rights in conformity with international and national laws.

Asset Management

Asset management section is mandated to guide the management, use and disposal of seized and confiscated assets.  It deals with conviction-based confiscation and non-conviction-based confiscation.  

Witness Evidence Section

This section is mandated to provide special protection to witnesses in possession of important information and who are facing potential risk or intimidation due to their cooperation with prosecution and other law enforcement agencies.

Charges Drafting Section

The charge drafting section is responsible to support the assigned prosecutors for drafting indictments in accordance with Article 71 of Criminal Procedure Code. Also advises the assigned prosecutor about the documents relating to the indictment

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